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Techambition contains 200 visual problems. How could you use them?

As an individual tasks

To get the most out of individual work enable automatic feedback. Or disable it if you want students to discuss their findings in the class.

For collaborative learning

Collaboration promotes high performance. Let students work together. Real time suggestion will help you to manage the discussion.

During in-class explanation

The app detects principles that require further explanation. It also recommends visualizations to supports the explanations.

Set up Techambition in your school

Techambition is an online application that works in any major browser on a mobile or desktop. There is nothing to install or update, no plugins or add-ons. Teachers and students just creates their accounts via registration form and can start in a second. All users are allowed to use Techambition on as many devices as they like to.

Learning management

Teacher can assign problems, check the result or prepare for the next class on any device connected to the internet, weather its a mobile phone, tablet or computer.

Individual tasks

Student can finish individual tasks on smartphone, tablet or computer connected to the internet.

Students collaboration

Computer, projector and the internet are enough to perform collaborative activities in the class. You can choose not to utilize students devices or go for shared devices setup to get the most out of the computer analysis option.


Also for using visualizations during explanation you will need computer, projector and internet connection. Visualizations are fully responsive and fits in any resolution.

Build on academic research.

Techambition is not just a tool that can provide you with insights into your students’ performance and save plenty of your time, but most of all it creates a better learning experience for your students.

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